Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ralph Mount's library

Ralph Mount owned Mount Bible Institute in Morriston, FL.  He passed away in 1998, yet he continues to teach to this day due to the large number of cassettes and books that he produced during his lifetime.

After he passed away, his vast collection of over 1500 books were acquired by Phil Nordan who has created a museum.  It is open to the public and the information is in the links below:

The Wilderness Tabernacle of Witness

The address to the museum (please call first)

Their contact information

The Consistent New Testament by chapter

Now available as "Perfect Bound" (paperback book) having the consistent New Testament alongside the KJV. $50.00

Send check or money order to:
Phil Nordan
303 Bay St
Monroe NC 28112

all proceeds go to Israel.

3 books were published in hardback format.   No one is printing them at this time.  However, if you search eBay or the internet, they do come available from time to time.

Available on a flash drive:

During his lifetime, Ralph H. Mount, Jr, prepared 674 hours of cassette tapes. These cassettes have now been converted to mp3 files.

Additionally, there are written textbooks for each lesson. These are all now available in pdf format. 311 different lessons and publications totaling over 6370 pages.

If you are interested in obtaining all of the mp3files, the pdf files, the indexes, the Consistent New Testament and all 3 hardback books in pdf format, send a 64GB flash drive to:

Jennifer Lowe
603 Woodlawn Av
Canon City CO 81212

No charge.


Nelson Moore has started uploading the books and some of the audio lessons.  Here are the links to read/listen online:


Introduction to The Teaching Dictionary

The Truth About Jesus If You Really Want To Know

The Day Christ Died.


A photo of Ralph Mount taken in 1986 and a photo of his "think tank" which can be seen at the museum in North Carolina


The original cassette tapes and printed books are still available.  Please contact:

Ralph Mount Trust
Ray Kissel
1305 Lexwood Rd
Mansfield OH 44907

We hope that this puts the resources for Ralph Mount on a single page for quick, easy reference.  A huge thank you to everyone who has helped put this together!