Thursday, March 26, 2009

What if I have a Jewish soul lost in a gentile body

For the last few years, I have had an incredible yearning for Israel, a love for everything Jewish, and I do not know where it comes from. 

Today, as I listened to Tuesday Night Live (episode # 31),   In the "Meet the street" segment, Jeremy asked a tourist if he was a Jewish soul lost in a gentile body. He explains that the Ephraims, northern tribes of Israel were lost among the nations,  they will look like non-Jews and all of a sudden, they will feel this pull to Judaism, they can't explain why, but all of a sudden there is an attraction to Israel.  

What if I have a Jewish soul lost in this gentile body?   That would explain my complete longing for Israel.  Should I follow my heart's desire and move to Israel?   

When I listen to Ari & Jeremy.....there is such a yearning in my soul to return to Israel.  I'm positive I was in the shop of the merchant they interviewed in this segment - he has a store in the Jewish market and I want to go back and see if it was him.  I have the necklace I bought from him.  How wonderful to see him interviewed - but it just makes me want to be there now.

I would never become Jewish because I truly do believe that Yeshua is the Messiah.  But I also believe that so much of the Jewish life is what I should be living right now.  Not necessarily the rituals...but the spiritual part of their life - the total devotion to Jehovah, the constant prayer....the complete adoration of Jehovah.

I also find it so amazing the timeliness of what I wrote yesterday about the size of Israel in the future.....and the first part of Ari & Jeremy's message.  I find it  totally uncomprehendable that Jews cannot do anything Jewish on the Temple Mount.  They are not allowed to pray at the Temple Mount.  They cannot take a Torah or anything Judaica with them to the Temple Mount.  

How did the world get to this point?  

The land is not theirs to give away.  It is not ours to divide, to sell, to partition.  Jehovah promised it to Israel.

Once again, I don't necessarily agree with everything that Ari & Jeremy say.....but I do believe that they give great content for me to ponder over.  I pray for both of them daily because at least they present a forum to tell and show us what is going on in Israel.

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