Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What if the world IS a stage and we are merely players?

William Shakespeare wrote:

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players......

But what if that's really true in the grande scheme of things? The world is a stage and the play has been going on for almost 6000 years now. The leading role is held by Jehovah G-d. His actors - His chosen people are the Jews. The other leading role is held by Satan, the adversary, and his actors include everyone else in the world.

The overall plot is that Jehovah wants His chosen people to acknowledge that He is their G-d. He even sent His son, Jehovah Jesus Messiah, to earth to be their King, but they rejected Him. The Jews are still awaiting the Messiah. And because He will come again - that's not such a problem at all.

Jehovah created His assembly - the assembly of the Jewish people. All they need do is call on the armies of G-d and G-d will lead them. It's been that way throughout history. A king that repented and fought for Israel - God would forgive them and they had a good reign. If they had a wicked king, then Israel suffered.

Follow that down to today when the Jews first returned to Israel, they fought for the land, won, and started to rebuild. Then gradually, Israel began to give the land away and problems have beset the Jews. They simply need a leader who will repent and fight for Israel.

In the meantime, Satan has been gradually taking over the rest of the world, has been busy making himself look like God. He took over the churches, incorporated pagan rituals with religious rituals, changed the calendar, corrupted every world leader and is working to get the entire world to turn against the Jews. He even got translators to change words in scritpure. He has used "christians" over the centuries to persecute and execute the Jews. His last holdout are the Jews - God's chosen people. He wants all of Jerusalem.

And this whole stage is made up of people who come and go, who enter and leave as they are born and die, and each one of us has an opportunity to view this play. The "plan" of salvation has been here from day one. In the Old Testament days, it was a sacrifice, a willingness to put a lamb on the alter....and then the Messiah became the lamb that was sacrificed for our sins.

But that is where Satan really took hold. He wants us to think that the Messiah left the Jews and turned to the Gentiles. That's where the play starts to get reinterpreted by so many who can't step back and look at what's been going on for thousands of years. So let's step back into the world play. Jehovah sent His son to earth. The Jews rejected Him as their King. Nothing changed. The Jews are still Jehovah's chosen people. All Jews will be "saved" because they are His people.

Gentiles who believe this can be grafted into the branch and have eternal life. But how many Gentiles actually believe that the Jews are Jehovah's chosen people? How many Gentiles send their gifts to Israel? support a synagogue? keep Passover?

In the meantime, Satan is reigning in today's church. Of course, he "wants" you to go do missions and convert the Jews and get them to join his church...take them away from the synagogues and temples. Yikes!!! He wants you to give your money to grow his churches. He wants you to celebrate all the pagan holidays. And most importantly, he, Satan, wants you to think it's easy to have eternal life. And he certainly doesn't want anyone to study world history....or even know what's going on in the world today. Think about it. You probably know more about the lives of Hollywood stars than you do about anything happening this month in Jerusalem. Why? Probably because Satan doesn't want you even thinking about prophecy that is being fulfilled in our lifetime.

Always remember that Satan said he would make himself "like the most high". He's been working on it for centuries. We are on the stage for but a "second". Very few of us can even see the play, much less care about it, want to learn more of it, want to study scripture, know what prophecies have been fulfilled and those that are being fulfilled today. Very few of us actually know who Jehovah Jesus Messiah is.

So, what if the world is a stage...and we are just players? Who's side are you on? Do you support the Jews? Or do you support your local church?