Saturday, February 9, 2013

What if you have to understand Daniel in order to understand Revelations?

I may come back and edit this what-if, but this is just a start.  These are images, so you can click on them to enlarge and print.

We all know the story of Daniel and how he interpreted the King's dreams.  But if you read the verses closely, in Dan 2:1, it says that he dreamed dreams.  That's plural.  Have you ever heard of  an interpretation of multiple dreams?

In Dan 2:40, it says that IRON breaks the image and in Dan 2:34 it says that STONE breaks the image.     What if these are different dreams?  Or multiple dream sequences?

In the first dream, there were 4 kingdoms and history has shown us what these 4 kingdoms were.  It is amazing that when you divide the length of time each kingdom ruled, you end up with a 6'2" man with a very proportionate body.  This proves to me that History does prove Biblical prophecy!!!  And at the end of this portion of history, iron (the Roman Empire) broke up.  (double click the image to enlarge)

and in the second dream, these 4 kingdoms return as they have today....and the stone that is cut out is the kingdom of Israel and it will crush these 4 kingdoms and rule earth:

What if Israel will crush Iraq, Iran, Greece and Italy and rule then turn it's kingdom over to the Messiah when He comes to rule earth?

What if the world is a stage and the nations are lining up for the second part of the dream that Daniel interpreted?  What if you can understand this - then how does that change what you understand about Revelations?

What if Israel will rule in our lifetime?