Friday, July 3, 2009

If you know that Jesus died on Passover....

and that he rose at sunset on Saturday, why do you celebrate Easter Sunday morning services?????

If we can prove without a shadow of a doubt (well, if you really believe the Bible) that Jesus was conceived during Hanukkah and was born at Sukkot (early Fall), why do you celebrate Christmas as His birth?

If you never knew before and only followed the teachings of your "church" - that's one thing. But if you KNOW now.....and you STILL celebrate Christmas and Easter.....why?

Here's another one of those childhood questions I always had. "If you know something is wrong....and you do it anyway...can G-d forgive you? And if you keep doing it over and over and over.....while you KNOW it is wrong....will He keep forgiving you over and over and over?

I seriously doubt it!

So, the question today.....if you know Jehovah Jesus Messiah was born in the fall and you celebrate Christmas, and you know that He died at Passover and you celebrate Easter, are you STILL a sinner?

And if you are STILL a sinner, how can you claim that you are saved? How can you claim to be a "Christian"?

But an even greater question perhaps.....if you are celebrating holidays that are based on paganism, that are filled with pagan rituals, that have literally nothing to do with the birth, death or resurrection of Jesus....aren't you a pagan? How can you be a "Christian" if you are a pagan? And if you are a "Christian", how can you continue to follow paganism?

Trust me - it is more than difficult to leave behind a pagan ritual when it's all you have ever known your entire life. When it's what made you happiest as a child, as a mom. When it's what brings back some of the most joyous memories in your life.

On the other hand - giving up these things that are tied to paganism has brought a different, greater joy to my soul than I could ever imagine!

It did not happen overnight. It took nearly 5 years in transition. I used to decorate 3 Christmas trees with 1500 Hallmark ornaments and host huge parties every year. I sang in the Living Christmas Tree in San Diego for 3 years. Most of my friends cannot understand why or how I could give it all up.

The problem became that once I knew and understood and could prove to myself that Christmas has zero ties to Jesus and is 100% pagan - I simply walked away from it.

The next question to did we ever get "religion" so messed up? Why do Christians celebrate so many pagan holidays? Who makes these decisions? Who leads the "church" down this path? I just don't think that Jehovan G-d is out there directing this "path" the church has taken.

Just a few things to think about for the moment:

Rev 12:9....the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who decieves the whole world......

Isaiah 14:12-15, satan said:

I will ascend to heaven
I will raise my throne above the stars of G-d
I will sit entrhoned on the mount of assembly on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds

So the question becomes.....HOW is (or did) Satan make himself to be like G-d?

Maybe think of it as a constant war that's been going on for about 6000 years now. G-d on one side, Satan on the other side trying to make himself appear to be like G-d. If he is doing that....then how do we know who the real G-d is?

And what if Satan is using the church with all of it's pagan holidays and pagan rituals throughout the world to make himself "like the most high".

If you are like me, at first thought - that's impossible.

On the other hand.....if you know that Easter is a pagan holiday and Jesus did not rise from the grave on Easter Sunday morning -

and you know that Christmas is a pagan holiday and Jesus was born in the fall of the year during Sukkot -

could it be that the "church" really is Satan's playground? And that this is how he has made himself look "like the most high"?

I sort of think it starts to explain why no one in Sunday School could ever answer any of my childhood questions!

And now you can start to see why I don't attend church, or celebrate Christmas or Easter.

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