Friday, December 17, 2010

What if it makes a difference how many points a star has?

When I was in the second grade, I drew wonderful stars. I made them using 2 triangles. I just loved my pretty stars. My teacher got quite angry with me. She took my hand with my pencil in it and very hard, made me draw a 5 pointed star without lifting my pencil from my paper. She very emphatically told me that I should NEVER draw a star with 6 points....that I should always draw them with 5 points.

Well, I quit drawing. I hated those 5 pointed stars as I could never get them even. They were lop-sided, crooked, un-balanced. But she scared me to death, so I simply quit drawing stars!

Today, I find it quite interesting that my natural instinct was to draw a "Star of David". And now I understand the real reason that teacher didn't want me drawing it. The year was about 1958, 10 years after Israel was formed. She surely knew that Israel was using a 6 pointed star on their flag. She surely knew that the Jews in the holocaust had to wear a yellow 6 pointed star on their clothes. She most likely didn't want "that" star anywhere in her classroom.

Anyone can research the Star of David and learn that much of it's use in early times was probably in paganism. But it is also known as the Seal of Solomon and we know that he used it as an emblem in architecture in his buildings.

The term "Star of David" does not appear in scripture. Or does it? Remember the story of David and Goliath? In that time period, about 1000 BC, it was common to make military shields using 2 triangles, inverted, layered one on top of the other. A "Star of David" protected him.

In Hebrew, it is called a Magen David, which means Shield of David.

It has only been associated as a symbol of Judaism in the last 200 years or so.

Simply put, it is a hexagram. Nothing more. Nothing less. As a human being, you can apply whatever meaning you want to it...pagan, Jewish, Christian, protection, is up to you. A satanist may claim that a hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke Satan. A Christain may claim that it is the Sheild of David, it will protect you from Satan. There are those who claim the inverted triangles represent a sexual union.

So, what came first? The original intent? The satanic counterfiet? What if this was the shape of the shield carried by David in the Old Testament? Or what if it refers directly to God, who shielded David in battle?

Ever look at a snowflake? They all have 6 points. They all can form a Star of David. I have always seen a connection between snowflakes and the Star of David. To say the Star of David is a pagan symbol....does that then mean snowflakes are pagan symbols?

Israel has made a decision to use the Star of David on her flag. Is 62:1 shows us that a burning torch represents Israel's salvation. The word is not lamp, or flame, or burning bush, it is "burning torch" - something bright enough to light the way. So those who claim that the image of a burning bush should be on Israel's flag are incorrect as well.

As long as Israel flies the Star of David on her flag, I will use the symbol in my art, in my jewelry, in my adornments at home because for me, personally, it means that I stand with Israel, I support the Jews, I honor them as God's chosen people.

But I also claim the Star of David as my shield, my protection.

The Hebrew letter dalet, looks like a triangle and stands for the name, David, which means beloved.

God gave the rainbow to Noah as a promise, but that symbol has been hijacked by the gays. Was the hexagram given to God's people and then hijacked by others?

It is important to understand that the 5 pointed star together with a crescent moon have been internationally recognized as a symbol of the faith of Islam. It is featured on the flags of several muslim countries and other entities Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosniaks, Malaysia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Turkey, Tunisia, Comoros, Cyrenaica, Hyderaad, Tatarstan, Uyghur, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan....Singapore, Janjira, Nation of Islam, Portsmouth UK, Alpha Theta Sigma, Shriners of North America, Red Cross, the badge of the New Orleans police department...and so much more. First used about 1453. Those symbols have always been used by pagans to worship sun, moon and sky gods. Think one might want to stay clear of organizations and other entities that use a 5-pointed star and/or the crescent moon. The 5-pointed star used alone has been called the "star of islam." Consider what it now means if you put that star on top of your christmas tree, or adorn it on the outside of your home. While a specific image may not have meaning to you, be aware of what the worldwide meaning and useage is.

I think Jehovah was leading my hand when I stopped drawing 5-pointed stars as a child.

Today, most of the world associates the Star of David with the Jewish people and with Israel. If you want to be associated with Israel, would that happen if you wear a cross? a 5-pointed star? a fleur-de-lies? a sword? Probably not.

There is yet one more use of the Star of David. It is the symbol representing the rebirth of the nation of Israel.....that G-d promised would happen. When the rabbi's (you probably still call them wise men) saw the star, Matt 2:10 says they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. That star in the sky alerted them to the coming of the Messiah. In the same way, the star in Israel's flag (the Star of David) announces the coming of the Messiah - because Israel had to become a state before He can come.

To me, for my own personal use, it is simply my sign that the Messiah is coming - my remembrance to study hard, to know the scriptures, to look for prophecy being fulfilled. And it shows the rest of the world that I identify with Israel, that no matter where I am, I stand with Israel.