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What if the signs are in the stars?

I'll bet you're wondering what the answer was to that question back in the 50s in the middle of Indiana in a tiny Methodist church? I was told that we did not study astrology, that it was "of the devil". But yet all these years, I have wondered about this verse:

Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in sun and moon and stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the billows;

That's the King James Version. But the Consistent Translation shows:

LUKE 21v25 And signs will-be in sun and moon and stars, and over the earth (a) holding-together of-nations in perplexity, (as) sea and surf (is) sounding,

So, what signs? And how do we see them? Because I never studied astronomy, and barely knew the difference between that and astrology, this has been a difficult study for me, but I am completely fascinated with some of the results I'm finding.

Planet X comes into our solar system every 3660 years. So if you start with next year and subtract 3660 years, that takes us back to 1645BC. Geologists say that was the great volcanic explosion of the Santorini calders whose drifting ash cloud was described in EX 9.

3660 years prior to that was 5308 BC when geologists say the Great Flood of Noah's day covered the earth. Dating is based on geological evidence involving the Black Sea.

Planet X is also called Nibiru or Elenin. It was aligned with the Sun, Earth and Mercury on 3/11/11 (spring equinox) when the Japan 9.0 earthquake hit.

So looking at Elenin's alignment with the earth, I put together this grid: (click to enlarge)

Remember my blog about God shaking His finger at us? Our legislators are looking at a debt resolution. If they vote on one on Monday and it eliminates support to Israel (guaranteeing loans for them, etc.), then we are in a perfect position for God to "shake His finger" at us once again.

I do think everything depends on the actions of our leaders.....and we are the ones who vote them into office, so it depends on each of us.

Consider these events coming up:

  1. Between 9/24 and 9/27, the UN will consider a resolution to create a Palestinian State, having Israel return to her 1967 borders and move the boundaries of Jerusalem. (Zach 12: 1-3)
  2. An estimated 1 million Palestinians to take to the streets after the UN meetings.
  3. Egypt has their first election making a Muslim Brotherhood ruler imminent (Isaiah 19:4) Election preparations start on 9/18.
  4. 9/28 is the Feast of Trumpets in Israel. This will be the 63rd Feast of Trumpets since the birth of Israel which leaves 7 years until Israel turns age 70. And 70 years represents a generation.
  5. 9/20, the gay and lesbian service members can serve openly in the US military
  6. Israel is preparing for war to start in September. US aircraft carriers CVN77 and CVN 76 have entered the Persian Gulf. Lebanon has 50,000 missiles pointed at Israel, Egypt and Hamas, maybe Jordan, will send in missiles, Iran - possible nuclear warheads? But God is on Israel's side, and that makes Israel a majority.
  7. Israel's Labor Party primary on 9/12 and they are expected to discuss leaving Netanyahu's coalition after that.
  8. California schools start - the first state to require public schools add lessons about gay history in social studies classes.
  9. 9/22 starts the Durban III Conference (targets Israel) in NYC
  10. Increased earthquakes in and around the "ring of fire"
  11. Increase volcanic activity i.e., steam venting, earth cracking....
Do we need to look up a little more often?

"He telleth the NUMBER of the stars, he calleth them all by there NAMES". PS 147:7

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy-work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night SHEWETH KNOWLEDGE. PS 19:1

So that was another childhood question I remember asking. If HE numbered the stars and called them all by name, how many stars were there? And I was told I'd find out when I got to heaven! Amazing that we can know the answers today.

There are 1,064,340,000,000,000,000 stars in the sky. Soncino Talmud, Vol 16, page 201 Berakoth 32b: "Resh Lakish said, The Holy One, blessed be He, answered her: My daughter, twelve constellations have I created in the firmament, and for each constellation I have created 30 hosts, and for each host I have created 30 cohorts, and for each cohort I have created 30 maniples, and for each maniple I have created 30 camps, and to each camp I have attached 365 thousands of myriads of stars, corresponding to the days of the solar year, and all of them I have created only for thy sake." This quote was taken from "The Law Prophesied" by R. H. Mount. (page 13)

Now, my understanding is simply that when Elenin, Planet X, aligns itself with earth, there is magnetic pull which can cause earthquakes, tidal changes, weather changes, pole shifts, and other things. But is this God's way of preparing us....we know the dates based on the movement of the stars (signs)?

Going back to my discussion of God shaking His little finger at us, is it possible He might shake His fist at us in September? If America votes to support a Palestinian state, He could use the magnetic pull of Elenin to cause huge earthquakes on earth. He could continue to punish America for promoting homosexuality in the military. He could do so much. And I have to ask.....what if the signs are in the stars?

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