Monday, October 3, 2011

If Satan said "I will be like the most high", then is he?

I remember asking a college professor at Bob Jones University this question, "If Satan said he is going to be like God, then how do we know who he (Satan) is?" And the professor said that it was just a "threat" and that God would never let Satan be like Him.

So I was 18 years old then. And of course, I totally believed what the professor said. I have gone through my life believing that Satan could not be like Jehovah. That God would never allow that to happen. What I did not know at the age of 18 is that college professors do not have the answers. The truly sad thing is that I thought they did.

Amazing how what a teacher, professor, preacher says that we buy into. We believe it because "they" said it. We don't take the time to do our own study or research. We believe them because we assume that they have studied and researched and that they know what they are talking about. But most of them do not. They simply form their ideas from what they were taught. Very few individuals actually research and when they do....they certainly don't try to find a different idea, they simply try to confirm what they already believe.

From the title of this blog, I think it's obvious that I was born a questioner. I started my career with Social Security where I interviewed people applying for retirement and disability benefits. So I spent my 8 hours in the office questioning people. I'm sure I upset numerous people with all my questions. I didn't limit it to just the questions on the application in front of me! I tended to go "outside the box" and ask questions based upon previous answers given to me.

Here's an example: women will spend their entire lives making themselves younger than they actually are in order to impress a man or someone else. Sometimes as much as 10 years younger. But when it comes to retirement age, they want to make themselves older in order to get benefits sooner. In the 1970s, many of these women did not have birth certificates, so they would give me a school record, a marriage certificate, their children's birth certificates and each piece of evidence had a different age/date of birth on it. And I had to evaluate this evidence, determine to the best of my ability what their actual date of birth was, and either approve or deny their eligibility to receive retirement benefits. Almost always, I used the oldest evidence available. The age on a person's grade school report card is much more accurate than the age on their child's birth certificate because their report card was probably issued 15 to 20 years earlier than their son or daughter's birth. However, their parent could have lied in order to get them into school at a very young age, or simply might not have remembered the real date of birth....but still, based on all the evidence, I most often took the oldest evidence as the most reliable.

But that's my point. How many of us take the evidence that is presented to us, analyze it, ask questions about it, verify the authenticity of it.....before we make a decision about it? Simple little things. How many of us go back to the earliest evidence and question the changes made to it since then?

My original birth certificate was lost years ago, but I have a copy of the one recorded in the state of Indiana. "Jennifer Lynn Moore." My baptismal certificate, of which I have the original, shows my name as Jennifer Lynne Moore. One letter off. Does it matter? Which is the oldest piece of information? What did my parents really desire as my name? Did the pastor who wrote out the baptismal certificate make a mistake by adding the "e" in my middle name? Did the hospital official make a mistake by leaving it off? I asked mom and she simply doesn't remember. And no, it doesn't really matter to me.....but does it matter when it comes to Jehovah Jesus Messiah, scripture translations.....and to Satan? Certainly!!!

Is 14:14. If Satan said that he would make himself to be like the most high. How has he done that? What name is he using that you and I might recognize him as the "most high"? Has he changed his name by one a full word? Is he an imposter that we do not fully recognize?

If you were going to make yourself be like someone would you do it? Dress like them? Act like them? Talk like them? There are a lot of famous people in Hollywood that other people try to act just like. Doubles. Imposters. People who make themselves look just like them. How do we tell them apart? Sometimes - it's pretty hard to do. I once saw a Barbra Streisand impersonator and truly could not tell the difference in her looks, or her voice....until the impersonator took off the wig and showed that "she" was a man!

So, if Satan was going to make himself like Jesus....could we tell them apart? Could we do it without a whole lot of study, research, investigation, questioning?

And what if you accept Jesus as your personal savior....and you are really accepting Satan because he is the great imposter?


Because Satan said that he would make himself to be like Jehovah G*d, I started putting together a table to compare the two systems. Keep in mind that when Jesus Messiah was here on earth, there was no written "New Testament", that He was a Jewish man, and that He would have practiced the Torah - Old Testament law. It is only over time that a "new" system was created by merging into it pagan practices. You truly need to study the evolution of religion since 70AD to fully understand this. I now see 2 distinct systems - here is my comparison:

God’s stage/players

Satan’s stage/players

Jehovah Jesus Messiah

Lord Jesus Christ

The Most High

make myself like the most high

Jews, Messianic

mostly Gentiles


King James and other translations

Passover – biblical

Easter - pagan

Sukkot – biblical

Christmas - pagan

Magen (shield of) David




Meet, greet and escort to Israel

Pre-trib Rapture

The one true God


Lunar Hebrew calendar

Solar secular calendar

Days of the week are numbered

Days of the week are named

Months revolve around the moon

Months revolve around the sun

New day starts at sunset

New day starts at sunrise

Sabbath is day seven

Sunday is day one

Passover – once a year

Communion – monthly or weekly

Messiah born at Sukkot

Christ born at Christmas

Gifts to Israel

Tithe to church

Israel is the Bride

The church is the bride

Rosh Hashanah

New Year’s Day


Magi/Wise Men





Tribulation started in 70AD

tribulation in the future

Holocaust = Jacob’s trouble

Jacob’s trouble is future




Tel Aviv

Jews are the chosen people


Israel is the kingdom


Preparing a tabernacle

Mansions and streets of gold



7th world power Roman Catholism

1st church was Roman Catholics

8th world power – Islam

Islam removed Israel from maps

Now, don't get me wrong. Jews do not believe that the Messiah was born at Sukkot. These are simply the differences that I see between the 2 systems when you use the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

I am sure there are more comparisons and as I come to think of them I will go back and edit this list. But I think you can start to see how similar the 2 "systems" are. Amazing, isn't it? That after 2000 years, the adversary has made himself to seem like god. And while I know that most everyone who attends a "christian" church today will completely deny the remote possibility that their preacher is a false minister, scripture does warn us of this.

What if this is how it really is? No doubt, there are those among my family and friends who will deny that they are on the adversary's stage. I'm simply asking, "what if?" What if there are two stages. What if this "war" has been going on for the last 2000 years between Jehovah and the adversary? What if Satan truly is working this very day to make himself seem like the most high? If there are only 2 stages with no other options, then which stage are you on? At the very least, I hope you will think about it and not be like me - trusting that a college professor had the answer. And my prayer is that my children will come to know the true Jehovah, not the false christ.