Friday, May 20, 2011

What if the maps tell the story?

How many people know the history of the land of Israel? If you don't ask questions, you will never know, and if you don't study, you will never find out.

This is Israel's story in maps:

King David ruled Israel from 990 BCE to 968 BCE and his son Solomon ruled until 928 BCE. I Kings 4:24 - Solomon ruled over all the kingdoms west of the Euphrates River from Tiphsah to Gaza, he was at peace with all his neighbors

(click on the maps to enlarge them)

King Herod was king of Israel from 40 BCE to 4 BCE. He was appointed by Rome and conquered thekingdom from the Hasmoneans. He was rewarded for hisloyalty and added Jerico, Bashan, Horen, Tarchon, and the Golan Heights.

During the 7th to the 11th centuries (600 - 1000AD) the Jews remained mainly in the Galilee and in larger cities:

In 1906, the southern border of Israel was set when the British changed the border between the Ottoman Empire and Egypt.

The northern border as set 1916 - 1923. France and Gr Britain signed the Sykes-Picot Agreement in May 1916.

Then the British Mandate in 1920 included Transjordan, then reduced, and the League of Nations approved the changed mandate which took effect in 1923.

Next as the UN partition plan on November 29, 1947:

Then the 1949 - 1967 Armistice Lines

June 10, 1967, Israel after the Six Day War:

1980 - 1982 Peace Treaty with Egypt and Sinai Redeployment:

Modern day Judea and Samaria. Click to enlarge. Note, only the yellow is full Palestinian control. All of the blue shades are Israeli control and the brown are Israeli military control. Much of the blue area was privately held by Israelis prior to 1967.

And current day Jerusalem - since the 1967 Six Day War

So the US is wanting to give away more land that is controlled by Israel than land that is controlled by the PA? That hardly seems fair.

Next, take a look at the land that was promised to Abraham:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Egypt's Sinai
part of Turkey

All will belong to Israel.

These maps prove that historically, this land has belonged to Israel (Jews who were dispersed throughout the world). It is not for us or anyone else to take away from. They are a tiny spec, surrounded by a muslim world. Let the PA have their state in one of these other places, not in Israel's promised grounds.

Let the maps tell the story.

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