Saturday, March 14, 2009

If I will bless Israel, then He will bless me

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Gen 12:3 (a whole lot to be learned if you read that entire link)

Yesterday, in the National Post, Canadian Prime Minister blessed Israel when he said,

"Under our government, Canada will remain an unyielding defender of Jewish religious freedom, a forceful opponent of anti-Semitismin all of its forms and a staunch supporter of a secure and democratic state of Israel,"

Canada blessed Israel with this statement. I believe that Canada will be blessed as long as they maintain their support for Israel.

This should be the "shot" that was heard around the world, yet when I googled the speech this morning, it only comes up 154 times. How sad is that???

I don't know how long Canada will remain in this position, but it's enough to make me want to pack up my bags and move north! I see our leaders becoming unsupportive of Israel - almost overnight.

I am not Jewish. But there is a mezuzah on my front door, a stained glass Star of David over my front door, I live on Paschal (passover) Dr, I have a banner inside that says "Wherever I stand, I stand with Israel" and I pray for Israel every day. I send my gifts to Israel. I want the world to know that I love Israel.

And my life has never been more blessed than it is now.

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