Saturday, July 30, 2011

What if Aquarius is closer than we think?

My dad was an extremely brilliant man. I remember he would ask me the most interesting questions. I'm sure he never expected me to answer them.....they were discussion starting questions.

One day, he said to me, "I wonder what would happen if God shifted the earth's poles just a little bit." Well, I had been studying magnetic power in school and I immediately informed dad that batteries would no longer work. He said, "you are right!"

There are days when I wonder what ever happened to that brilliant childhood brain I had? Now I have to look up everything. So in my quest to better determine if there are signs in the stars, one of the thing I have been studying is the shift in the earth's axis in relationship to the ages.

Two times a year, as the Earth revolves in its orbit, its axis reaches a midpoint where neither the North or South Poles are tilted towards the sun. The days when this takes place are called the Vernal (Spring) and Autumnal (Fall) Equinox. The word comes from Latin, meaning "equal night" - that is, when the night is equal to the day. The Vernal Equinox is our first day of Spring.

The precession of the equinoxes: "Precession" is the gradual "backwards" movement of the outer visible universe and is used to determine the astrological Age which we are in. We are presently in Pisces. This is determined by locating the Sun's position in the zodiac at the exact moment of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox. Every 72 years the Sun backs up about 1 degree. An astrological age is the amount of time that it takes for the Sun to move backwards throughout one complete zodiac sign. 72 years x 30 degrees = 2160 years = the length of an astrological age.

So, it takes about 2160 years to go through an age. BUT. What if earthquakes cause the earth's axis to shift, then would that decrease the number of years and cause the next age to come sooner?

It is said that on the day Jesus died, the earth shook, the skys were darkened, and we entered into the age of Pisces. The veil in between Holy of Holies and Holy Place - was rent. Access was granted, one mediator between man and God.

Matthew 27:51, And behold the veil of-the sanctuary was-split into two, from from-above till below; and the earth was-caused-to-quake, and the rocks were-split,

Luke 23:45, And the sun was-made-dark, and the veil of-the sanctuary was-split-(in) midst.

What if the earth shook the axis enough to move from Aries into Pisces?

It takes 2250 - 2600 years for the equinox to progress through a Zodiac constellation. There are 12 of these and each one is 30 degrees totaling 360 degrees

The age of Aries was from the time of Moses (2000 BC) til the death of Jesus (the sky darkened, the earth shook, the veil was rent.)

The age of Taurus was from the flood (4000 BC) until Moses.

The age of Gemini was from the Creation until the Flood.

If that is true, and the next age, the messianic age is Aquarius, then that totals 5 ages which leaves a remainder of 7 ages.

And if a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day and it took 7 "days" to create the earth (7000 years).....that would complete the entire cycle. I don't know if that's how it is, but it seems to be a possibility.

What if there is a relationship between all the earthquakes that are happening....and getting us to Aquarius a little faster than we're supposed to get there? The earthquake in Chili moved the earth's axis 3 degrees. The one in Japan this past March moved it 9 inches.

When the sun appears to be in the original constellation of Aquarius at sunrise on the first day of Spring, we will know that we are in the Age of Aquarius.

So next, I needed to look at the names of the stars in this constellation and what they meant:

Aquarius means water bearer (Pourer Forth of Water) and the Babylonian name means "the great one". Consider John 7:37-39

JOHN7v37 But in the last day namely-the great (one) of-the feast the Jesus had-stood, and he-cried saying, If someone might-be-thirsting, let-him-be-coming to me and let-him-be-drinking.

JOHN7v38 The (one) trusting with-reference-to me, according-as the scripture said, rivers of-living water will-flow out-of his belly.

JOHN7v39 But this he-said concerning the Spirit which the (ones) trusting with-reference-to him were-being-about to-be-taking; for (the) Holy Spirit not-yet, because the Jesus was not-as-yet glorified.

And what if there is a relationship between the astrological signs, the astronomical signs, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 gates of Jerusalem, and the astrological ages? Oh! WOW!!!

Again, I put together a grid. I like them. They help me see things a little more clearly.





Approximate dates




Ram or Lamb

0 – 30


2000 BC (Moses) to Jesus Death







4000 BC to 2000 BC







Creation to Flood?







Day 7







Day 6







Day 5







Day 4







Day 3







Day 2







Day 1




Water bearer



Next age – Messiah returns




The Fishes



Jesus death - present



Note: there are numerous different websites that give conflicting information on which tribe goes with which constellation. It's just interesting that a tribe is affixed to each constellation, and a gate to Jerusalem, and an age....and so forth.

Remember also that the Greek word in the KJV that has been translated as "world" usually means "age" in most places. It's not a new world that's coming, it's a new age. I don't think that' too hard to imagine. Jehovah promised the land to Abraham forever. If this world ends, that wasn't much of a promise, was it? Once again, translations seem to get us more confused than anything else.

What if there are 12 ages? What if earthquakes will move us into the Aquarius age sooner than expected? What if that is the Millenium age when Jehovah Jesus Messiah returns to reign on earth, when Jerusalem rules the earth? What if the signs are in the stars?

Perhaps we all need to look to the sky a little more often.

What if the signs are in the stars?

I'll bet you're wondering what the answer was to that question back in the 50s in the middle of Indiana in a tiny Methodist church? I was told that we did not study astrology, that it was "of the devil". But yet all these years, I have wondered about this verse:

Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in sun and moon and stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, in perplexity for the roaring of the sea and the billows;

That's the King James Version. But the Consistent Translation shows:

LUKE 21v25 And signs will-be in sun and moon and stars, and over the earth (a) holding-together of-nations in perplexity, (as) sea and surf (is) sounding,

So, what signs? And how do we see them? Because I never studied astronomy, and barely knew the difference between that and astrology, this has been a difficult study for me, but I am completely fascinated with some of the results I'm finding.

Planet X comes into our solar system every 3660 years. So if you start with next year and subtract 3660 years, that takes us back to 1645BC. Geologists say that was the great volcanic explosion of the Santorini calders whose drifting ash cloud was described in EX 9.

3660 years prior to that was 5308 BC when geologists say the Great Flood of Noah's day covered the earth. Dating is based on geological evidence involving the Black Sea.

Planet X is also called Nibiru or Elenin. It was aligned with the Sun, Earth and Mercury on 3/11/11 (spring equinox) when the Japan 9.0 earthquake hit.

So looking at Elenin's alignment with the earth, I put together this grid: (click to enlarge)

Remember my blog about God shaking His finger at us? Our legislators are looking at a debt resolution. If they vote on one on Monday and it eliminates support to Israel (guaranteeing loans for them, etc.), then we are in a perfect position for God to "shake His finger" at us once again.

I do think everything depends on the actions of our leaders.....and we are the ones who vote them into office, so it depends on each of us.

Consider these events coming up:

  1. Between 9/24 and 9/27, the UN will consider a resolution to create a Palestinian State, having Israel return to her 1967 borders and move the boundaries of Jerusalem. (Zach 12: 1-3)
  2. An estimated 1 million Palestinians to take to the streets after the UN meetings.
  3. Egypt has their first election making a Muslim Brotherhood ruler imminent (Isaiah 19:4) Election preparations start on 9/18.
  4. 9/28 is the Feast of Trumpets in Israel. This will be the 63rd Feast of Trumpets since the birth of Israel which leaves 7 years until Israel turns age 70. And 70 years represents a generation.
  5. 9/20, the gay and lesbian service members can serve openly in the US military
  6. Israel is preparing for war to start in September. US aircraft carriers CVN77 and CVN 76 have entered the Persian Gulf. Lebanon has 50,000 missiles pointed at Israel, Egypt and Hamas, maybe Jordan, will send in missiles, Iran - possible nuclear warheads? But God is on Israel's side, and that makes Israel a majority.
  7. Israel's Labor Party primary on 9/12 and they are expected to discuss leaving Netanyahu's coalition after that.
  8. California schools start - the first state to require public schools add lessons about gay history in social studies classes.
  9. 9/22 starts the Durban III Conference (targets Israel) in NYC
  10. Increased earthquakes in and around the "ring of fire"
  11. Increase volcanic activity i.e., steam venting, earth cracking....
Do we need to look up a little more often?

"He telleth the NUMBER of the stars, he calleth them all by there NAMES". PS 147:7

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handy-work. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night SHEWETH KNOWLEDGE. PS 19:1

So that was another childhood question I remember asking. If HE numbered the stars and called them all by name, how many stars were there? And I was told I'd find out when I got to heaven! Amazing that we can know the answers today.

There are 1,064,340,000,000,000,000 stars in the sky. Soncino Talmud, Vol 16, page 201 Berakoth 32b: "Resh Lakish said, The Holy One, blessed be He, answered her: My daughter, twelve constellations have I created in the firmament, and for each constellation I have created 30 hosts, and for each host I have created 30 cohorts, and for each cohort I have created 30 maniples, and for each maniple I have created 30 camps, and to each camp I have attached 365 thousands of myriads of stars, corresponding to the days of the solar year, and all of them I have created only for thy sake." This quote was taken from "The Law Prophesied" by R. H. Mount. (page 13)

Now, my understanding is simply that when Elenin, Planet X, aligns itself with earth, there is magnetic pull which can cause earthquakes, tidal changes, weather changes, pole shifts, and other things. But is this God's way of preparing us....we know the dates based on the movement of the stars (signs)?

Going back to my discussion of God shaking His little finger at us, is it possible He might shake His fist at us in September? If America votes to support a Palestinian state, He could use the magnetic pull of Elenin to cause huge earthquakes on earth. He could continue to punish America for promoting homosexuality in the military. He could do so much. And I have to ask.....what if the signs are in the stars?

Friday, July 29, 2011

If God condemns sun worship, are you guilty?

One of those early childhood questions that no one answered was “why do we worship on Sunday?” I was very good at math. I knew that Sunday was the FIRST day of the week, not the 7th day of the week. I was very good at logic. I knew Sunday was not the 7th day of the week. But no one ever took the time to explain to me the history of the conversion between the Sabbath and Sunday worship. Probably because no one really knew (1950s – no internet, and our little local library didn’t have much in it).

So who changed the 7th day to the 1st day?

Long before Jesus arrived on earth, pagans worshiped on Sunday. It was the day the sun was worshiped. The Chaldeans, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Medo-Perisnas, the Grecians and the Romans were sun worshippers.

Acts shows us that the first Christians were Jews, and the earliest church is classifiable as a messianic sect within Judaism. The disciples were frequently found in the temple, continued to observe the law, circumcision, Sabbath worship and the food laws.

So, you see, there were 2 conflicting factors….the pagans who had been worshiping on Sunday, and the new Christians and the Jews who were worshipping on the Sabbath.

In the 4th century Constantine saw that half the people worshiped on Sunday – pagans, half kept the Sabbath – professed Christians/Jews. He wanted to cement the 2 factions. He published 2 edicts – the first enjoined the solemn observance of Sunday and the second directed the regular consultation of the auspices – a pagan practice.

Fact: Constantine was a pagan to every inch of his body. He was a non-discriminatory heathen. Constantine worshipped all the gods - especially Apollo the god of the sun. He held the title Pontifex Maximus which was the title of the high priest of paganism. These and other considerations make it clear that Constantine's form of Christianity was actually a modified version of mystery religion. - The Mystery of Iniquity that had been at work since the time of Babel.

Constantine saw something that the emperors before him did not see - the opportunity to make peace through compromise. He never really converted to Christianity. But what he did accomplish was to convert Christianity to paganism. He was a pawn in Satan's hand to pervert the Christian faith with all of paganism's trappings.

On March 7, 321, Constantine gave forth his Sunday law:

“Let all the judges and town people and the occupation of all trades rest on the venerable day of the sun (Dies Solis); but let those who are situated in the country, freely and at full liberty, attend to the business of agriculture; because it often happens that no other day is so fit for sowing corn and planting vines; lest the critical moment being let slip, men should lose the commodities granted by Heaven.” Right there we find the genesis of Sunday keeping in the Christian Church.

The church followed the leadership of Constantine, and in the year 364, at the council of Laodicea, passed a law requiring that Christians must “not Judaize by resting on Saturday.” Eusebius, a noted bishop of the church, states, “All things whatsoever that it was duty to do on the Sabbath, these we have transferred to the Lord’s day.” Here, then, it is plain that a human hand, and not a divine, changed the Sabbath. Eusebius says, “We have transferred.”

Finally the Sabbath was crushed, and Sunday, the pagan holiday, was instituted. Henceforth, it was espoused by the church, and supported, as it is in our day. Doctor Eck, the astute lawyer and champion of the Church in its controversy with Martin Luther, admits, “The church has changed the observance of the Sabbath to Sunday on its own authority, without Scripture, doubtless under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.”

And that got me to thinking, what do Hebrews call the days of the week on their calendar?

  1. Yom Rishon = first day (gentile’s Sunday)
  2. Yom Sheni = second day
  3. Yom Shlishi = third day
  4. Yom Revi’I = fourth day
  5. Yom Chamishi = fifth day
  6. Yom Shishi = sixth day
  7. Yom Shabbat = Sabbath day, day of rest

They just go by numbers!

When the Gregorian calendar was established, the names of the days were taken from planets and gods

Sunday – Sun’s day, day of the sun
Monday – Moon’s day, day of the moon
Tuesday, Tyr’s day. Tyre was a god of combat and heroic glory in Germanic paganism, day of Mars
Wednesday – Day of Wodan, more commonly known as Odin, the highest god in Norse mythology, a prominent god in England until the 7
th century, day of Mercury
Thursday – Thor’s day, Germanic god of thunder, day of Jupiter
Friday, Day of Frige, the Germanic goddess of beauty, an incarnation of the Norse goddess Frigg, day of Venus
Saturday – Saturn’s day, Roman god associated with the Titan Cronos, father of Zeus and many Olympians.

Why on earth did that happen???? Another one of Satan's ways to rule this earth.
I think it’s pretty obvious that we are not to worship the sun:

Deut 4:19; 17:3
II Kings 23:5
Job 31:26-23
Ezek 8:16 - most clearly against sun worship...God says, "I will deal with them in anger: I will not look on them with pity or spare them."

But of all things – to worship on the Sun’s day? Not to mention that scripture clearly states that we are to keep the Sabbath forever (it's a commandment, you know?)…if you worship on Sunday….it’s pagan.

What are other symbols of sun (pagan) worship? Feel free to google them, but here’s my list:
Churches that face West (members face east to worship
Statues with sun burst coronas (liberty)
Facing east to pray
Facing east for any part of a religious service
Obelisks – honor the sun god
Sunrise service – face east
And a most interesting thought:

Marks of the sun:

It’s interesting that a lot of the “old time” church buildings were built facing east and you walked straight in and faced west to worship. Yet they had other items such as an obelisk (steeple). And all of them worshiped on Sunday.

I always hated Easter sunrise service. Nothing at all to do with the fact that we got up when it was pitch black, drove forever to some place outside that was freezing was that the sun hurt my eyes something horrible when I looked into it. I have to wonder if that was God's way of protecting me? While others were praising their sun god, I was wincing in pain, looking down, unable to look to the east. To this very day, the morning sun hurts my eyes if I look to the east. Praise Jehovah. Praise Him that even though my questions were not answered when I was a child....He still led me where He wanted me to go. Amazing grace.

If you know it’s pagan, if you know it’s against scripture, why do it? If you know that God will deal with you in anger, if He will not look on you with pity, or spare you.....why do you still do it? If you face the east in any part of your worship, if your building has a steeple on it, if there's an image with a sunburst on it, it is pagan. And if you want to continue to worship that way, at least acknowledge that you are pagan.

And because He commanded that you keep the Sabbath and a pagan ruler made the change to Sunday, know that if you worship on Sunday, you are pagan.

It's never to late to learn what scripture really says and to change your daily life to be more of what He tells us to be.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

What if there isn't going to be a rapture, then what will happen next?

Even as a child, listening to some preacher up in the pulpit screaming his head off, ranting and raving that the "end is now" and that "Jesus can come at any moment....right this very single moment.....are you ready?".....I KNEW it was a lie. I KNEW there were things in the Bible that hadn't happened, that had to happen before Jesus could return.

Was I a perceptive child? Probably not. But I think I learned about logic and reasoning at a very young age. I learned what if/then hypotheses were. I knew that if the Bible said Elijah had to come before the Messiah came and Elijah wasn't here, then the Messiah wasn't going to come back that very second! Of course, whenever I would ask, "Did Elijah come?" I would get a blank look. There were times when I simply thought no one else really read the Bible. Understand that back then, I took scripture quite literally....and I still do.

Where did the idea come from that Christ could return at any moment? Is it an attempt to appease us, make us believe that we will escape any future suffering? That we will be raptured out before the end times start? What a great way to get you to stop studying. Just believe that you don't have to live through it, so why bother studying about it! Now, don't stop reading yet, I'll talk more about the "rapture" later on.

I have also come to understand how important it is to study Greek and Hebrew words. I remember how I hated conjugating verbs in grade school. It was just so boring. But how terribly important that I did learn what each tense of a verb means. And if it is important in the English language to understand know what we mean, then how much more important is it to understand tenses in Greek and Hebrew?

And the other thing is that I need to understand when scripture is literal and when it is figurative. I think that's more important than most preachers let on. It seems that everyone wants to take every little verse and apply it to some personal aspect of their life. But I'm not sure that's the intent at all. I'd more nearly think that we apply it solely in the context that it was written understanding specifically who it was written to and understanding history of the era when it was written. Probably really important.

The Bible is about 80% prophecy. And in order to know what prophecy has been fulfilled, you have to know history. You have to be able to look at history and understand what has happened over the last 6000 years and to know how it ties in with Bible prophecy.

And you have to watch world news today in order to see what prophecy is currently being fulfilled. I certainly wouldn't leave that task up to someone else, knowing that they probably don't view scripture the way that I do.

Mark 13:32: But of that day or that hour knoweth no one, not even the angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Most people understand this verse to say that no one can know the day or hour of the Lord's return. They often add that you can only know the approximate time.

But what if that verse is only addressing the specific people that it was written to. That "those" people could not know the day or hour.....but the rest of us could? And it might make sense that Jesus, as a man on earth, could not know. But when he joined the Father, he did know. I feel pretty certain that He knows now.

And consider that the Thessalonians knew. I Thes 5:1-4. Paul did not have to write to them on this subject. They already knew. What did they know? And if they knew, can we? I think that with the study of scripture, being acutely aware of the meaning of words and the tenses of verbs, we can know. But a knowledge of past and current history is necessary as well.

So, consider history: Jerusalem fell to the Romans in 70AD. The Jews were sent into worldwide dispersion. The seasons of gentile rule began:
1. Season of Rome 130 - 615 AD
2. Season of Persia 615-619 AD
3. Season of the Eastern Empire 629-637AD
4. Season of the Saracen Empire 637-1099 AD
5. Season of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem 1099-1187 AD
6. Season of Egypt 1187 - 1229 AD
7. Season of Germany 1229 - 1243 AD
8. Season of Korasmians 1243 AD
9. Season of Turkish Empire 1244 - 1917 AD
10 Season of Great Britain 1917 - 1948 AD
11 Season of Jordan 1948 - 1967 AD

June 7, 1967, Jerusalem is returned to Israel and the "seasons" of Jerusalem's administration by Gentile nations was fulfilled per Luke 21:24. Jerusalem had to be returned to the Jews before the Messiah could return.

So Jesus could not have returned before this happened. I can write off all those preachers who were claiming an immediate rapture at any moment in my entire childhood!!

What if the tribulation of the Jews started in 70 AD with the destruction of the Temple? They were sent into dispersion throughout the world. They have been killed, persecuted, tossed out of the lands they were on, forced into captivity......certainly has been a 2000 year tribulation for them. So what if the tribulation has been going on for the last 2000 years?

Some of the things that have happened and are according to prophecy include....
1. Apostasy in the organized church 2 Thes 2:3. Began about 1900 AD.
a. Rejection of the Word of God in "Christian" Schools...seeing that today
b. Laodicean Church age- we're living in it right now
2. Regathering of Israel - happening now
3. Evolution gets a foothold (1859) 2 Peter 3:3-5
a. prior to 1859, there was only the creation theory
4. World nations come on the scene in line with Bible prophecy
a. Greece 1830
b. Syria 1920
c. Egypt 1922
d. Iraq 1932
e. Italy 1861
f. where is Assyria?
5. State of Israel, May 14-16, 1948 (a land born in a day)
6. Seasons for Gentile Nations to hold Jerusalem ended June 6, 1967.
7. Russian Revolution 1917 begins preparation for Russian invasion of Middle East (Ezk 38:39)
8. Turning of world nations against Israel. happening now from 1967 to the present. Prepares for God's wrath in the Day of Jehovah (Joel 3:1-3)
9. Recognition of Red China by US 1978 launches China into lead position in Far east in preparation of "kings of the east" (Rev 16:12)
10. Changes in Iran (Persia) 1978 - 1979, starts Moslem rise toward antichrist power.
11. Communism as against God, and Muslims opposed to idols, prepare religion of Antichrist (Dan 11:37, 2 Thes 2:4)

What still needs to happen? (according to prophecy)

12. Russian invasion of Middle East will force Israel to rely on God (Ezk 39:7)
13. Israel to build the Temple (Joel 1:13, Ezk 40-48)
14. Man of Sin is revealed (2 Thes 2:3) (he sits in the temple, so temple must be built first)
15. Elijah returns (Malachi 4:5) - not John the Baptist, but Elijah himself.
16. World nations arrive at false peace (1Thes 5:30z)
17. Cosmic disturbances start (Joel 2:11, 31)

The modern approach to lift Christians into bliss in the heavens via a rapture before the tribulation, has done a great deal to stifle Bible study rather than to encourage it.

What if, the presence of Christ in glory is on Jerusalem, but the gross darkness is on the peoples. Isaiah 60 hasn't happened yet. When the Temple is rebuilt, the nations will still exist. In Isaiah 62:7, it says Jerusalem will be a praise in the earth. Not heaven. Has this happened? Not yet.

It is only as history fulfils prophecy that we can be absolutely certain of what the chronology is. The foundation in chronology depends on the Jew.

1. The Jew still exists in spite of all of Satan's forces.
2. The Jew has been scattered for 1900 years
3. The Jew is being regathered.
4. The Jew is hated by all nations.
5. Jerusalem has been taken from the Gentiles and restored to the Jew.
6. The land of Israel is being turned from desolation to a fertile land
7. The Jew still keeps circumcision.
8. The Jew still keeps the Sabbath.
9. God is giving the land to the Jew little by little.
These are just a few historic facts.

Keep your eyes on Israel!

Possible order:
1. Some sort of peace with the Jew under Gentile dominion 2 Thes 2:3-4,
antichrist sitting in the temple, Rev 13: 4-7, 16-18,
authority to continue for 42 months, authority over every nation (may not use it).
The mark of the beast will be the cross. Rev 11, 1-4. 2
witnesses will prophesy for 1260 days. One will be Elijah. Will the other be Moses?
354 days in a normal Jewish year. Passover to the Feast of Tabernacles (last day) is 175 days. + 3 years (1062 days) = 1237 days + 29 Days for Adar 11, = 1256 days + 7 days of feast = about 1260 days

2. International revolt Rev 16:12-16, Zech 14:1-2, Matt 24:32-34.
Kings of the east come under leadership of China and fight against Jerusalem.

3. Jehovah comes (figurative) to fight. Zech 14: 3-4, 2 Thes 2:8
all nations against Jerusalem
a Jewish flight through the split mountains

4. Tribulation of those days.
sun dark, moon not give light, all tribes of earth shall morn
sound of trumpet

5. Day of Jehovah Sets in. Matt 24:29-31, Rev 1:14-15, Rev 2:18, Rev 10: 1

6. We meet up with the Messiah to escort HIM to Jerusalem. Where His kingdom will be.
If you want to continue to use "rapture", then be sure to explain that you are making a u-turn and just going over to Jerusalem to live there with Him. 1 Thes 4:15-17. 2 Thes 2:1 (ah! remember, the Thessalonians already knew about the Messiah's return, so Paul did not have to explain it to them!)

Understand what the verb means in the Greek. It doesn't say we will stay in the air. The verb means to meet and return.

This then would be the beginning of the Messianic age. Here on earth. We're not going with Him to "heaven" because He is coming here. Think about it.

Besides, all you need to do is google origins of the term rapture and you will learn that it is a fairly new term, originating in England in the early 1800s. Prior to that, no one believed in the rapture. So what changed? Surely not scripture. Again - I think it's just a way to get you to not study what's going to happen if you think you are going to be raptured out of it!

The Greek word for "mansion" is abode. He is preparing a place for us to abode with Him. Our bodies are Tabernacles. He is preparing a place for our Tabernacles to abode with him. See how important it is to know what the actual Greek word means? Not mansions on streets of gold. But a place for us to tabernacle with Him. These are English words that a translator used in order to appease a King of England in order to keep from being beheaded! Reason enough to study the meaning of each and every word.

The generation that sees these things shall not pass away until all these things are accomplished. Matt 24:33-34

1900 (?) to 2000, 100 years, this generation? Or is a generation 70 years? Israel formed in 1948. The generation born starting in 1948? Turns 70 in 2018. Or the generation that "sees" these things, so those who were perhaps age 13 and older in 1948? As a whole, this generation will not pass away. We are going to live through it.

The return is not imminent. But perhaps within sight. The Messiah is not going to come today as the things scripture says has to happen have not happened yet. Keep your eyes on Israel. Pay close attention to world events. We may not know to the minute when the Messiah will return. But we can certainly know what has and hasn't happened, and that is what will allow us to know when to expect Him.

For many reasons, I am convinced that He will come during Sukkot, the feast of Tabernacles.

Chronology 1 from Mount Bible Trust is a great place to start your study of things to come.

If YOU think the Bible is not clear on this, then try the Greek and Hebrew as they seem to be extremely clear!

What if you are not going to be raptured out of it, don't you want to know what to expect?